Wednesday, March 14, 2007

tikman ang langit

i finally have my own copy of tikman ang langit:an anthology on the eraserheads. i spent Saturday night and early Sunday morning reading it. it was mixed emotions. i was able to relate to the articles because i was once an eheads fan. i felt happy reminiscing the "glory" days, and sad, at the same time, knowing that those days will never happen again.

i started listening to the band when i was still in high school. i remember asking my kuya to tell his friend to buy me a cassette tape of "cutterpillow" (since it was my favorite of all the eheads album). the tape was one of my most treasured possessions when i was young. the first movie i saw when i visited manila for the first time (as a world youth day delegate) was pare ko. i just felt that i had to watch it. when i went to college at up diliman, i took all the chances i had to see them perform live. i only had two violations at the kalayaan dormitory. both were eheads concerts. i didn't mind of course even if it meant losing my chance of getting admitted to molave residence hall (where the eheads stayed while they were in up). i felt sorry for myself, of course, but kamia wasn't that bad at all.

as an eheads fan, there's always this longing that, one day, the four UP guys i once admired so much will again come together as THE eraserheads and perform their farewell concert to their millions of fans (who i'm very sure miss them so much).

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